Property Managers, Investors

If you are a Property Manager, Real Estate Investor, or Flipper we would like to talk with you. It makes sense to have someone readily accessible whom you can trust when you need those properties with algae-filled pools cleaned or to have broken or stolen equipment replaced. Whether it’s a foreclosed property, a fixer-upper or a rental property, Blue Flamingo can help.

Something else to consider is that it is almost as cheap to maintain a pool than it is to let it sit neglected for months on end and pay for a massive clean-up later once you go to rent or sell the property

Complete Cleaning

  • Drain Pool
  • Remove all Debris
  • Chlorine Washing Interior Service
  • Clean Pool Filter
  • Refill, and Balance Pool Water.
  • Confirm all the equipment is in good working order.
  • Pressure Wash Pool Deck.

Chemical Shock


  • Apply Shock Chemicals
  • Brush Pool Services
  • Clean Filter
  • Repeat as needed until the water is clear.
  • Rebalance Pool Water

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