Learn 5 tips to keep your swimming pool clean from swimming pool services in Plano, Texas

Summer is here, and your swimming pool is probably the most favourite recreation space for you and your family. From casual Hangouts to impromptu barbecues and fancy birthday parties, it’s a place where you create endless memories.

But what comes after all this Hustle and bustle is the pile of trash near your swimming pool. No doubt it is imperative for you to keep your swimming pool in excellent condition. Of course, you can hire Blue Flamingo to offer you swimming pool services in Plano, Texas. But how about learning some tips by yourself to extend the life of your swimming pool and keep it alive for many more memories to come.

  1. Get yourself acquainted with the chemicals. Whether chlorinated or saltwater, each swimming pool will have specific chemicals to keep things sanitary and kill the pathogens. You need to know the chemicals that need to be applied and when. Also, you should see the quantity that should be used.
  2.  Get your swimming pool cleaned regularly by professionals offering swimming pool services in Plano, Texas. They have all the equipment to clear out debris and dry leaves that may choke the filter. Experts at Blue Flamingo also skim the surface to remove hanging twigs and bugs, leaving your pool and clean as a mirror.
  3. Learn to check the alkaline and pH levels in your pool. Since you will be using chemicals in your pool, you should keep an eye on how the water reacts to those chemicals. Know what to do to nullify if a chemical gets too high or low in concentration.
  4. Keep the surrounding area of your swimming pool clean. Wipe the tiles regularly and get the surface surrounding the pool mopped daily. Pick up the pool toys that might be lying about. Else dry leaves and twigs can build up and eventually make their way into the water.
  5. Select the correct filter for your swimming pool and maintain it. You can choose from a wide range of filters available for pool maintenance. For example- sand filters, cartridge filters etc.

Sand filters comprise a wide bed of sand to trap junk in the pool. Cartridge filters make the water seep through a filtering process to filter out the junk. No matter whichever filter you use, make sure to clean and replace it timely.

Your swimming pool will treat you well as long as you take care of it. So keep it clean and never stop making memories. For any pool service and repairs, visit https://www.blueflamingoservice.com/. You can also call at 469.238.8080.